The success of our clients is our greatest satisfaction

Thanks to the experience of our cleints we refine our skills every day


Automotive, medical material, plastic printing, abrasives, pressure switches, pipes and ventilation systems are among the most widespread industrial branches among our companies


Many customers operate on the international market in the trade of futures products linked to the agroalimentary economy, involving high-profile logistics with even intercontinental deliveries.

Digital Economy

The fastest growing activities are given by all the services and performances related to the creation and investments in digital assets: ICO and crypto; app development on blockchain; NFT; Metaverse development. Crypto investment funds

Construction and real estate

Real estate investments represent one of the safest values. Building contractors and suppliers together with investors represent our most loyal clients with operations in Switzerland and abroad


The multiethnic community of the area offers a variety of flavors that make our restaurateurs unique in sharing culinary traditions


Research and development in the medical world distinguish our customers in the continuous search for scientific and technological improvement in the production of cosmetics « Made in Swiss »


Prestigious companies are active in the sports field: from the organization of events of European and world interest to related commercial services. Our customers are known to operate in motor racing (FIA-F1), motorcycle racing (FIM) and in football in the major European divisions.

Patents and excellences

Many businesses have obtained patents, registered trademarks and intellectual property. Some excellences reward artisanal realities that stand out for their talent in the creation of luxury products for the construction, watchmaking, fashion, art and finishing of yachts

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Other business

Other activities carried out by our clients include local businesses, importers and wholesalers, garages and car bodywork, sole proprietorships, farms, associations and foundations

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