IBS SA is a Swiss company founded in 2013. We bring together qualified and multilingual professionals specialized in business management and international business. The founding members have honed their skills in the field of business consulting since 2006 with experience working on several continents.
The firm, which currently has a dozen direct collaborators, offers services to companies and individuals. We support our clients in adopting new organizational schemes to optimize resources, delegate routine administration and focus on creativity; in particular we focus on solutions for startups, new project development and young entrepreneurs. Our goal is to encourage companies and individuals to cultivate their ambitions and compete in the international market.
We combine global expertise with local knowledge to achieve the analyzed strategies and objectives. Our structure, which is based on the collaboration of consultants located throughout Europe, includes tax advisors, lawyers, notaries, bankers, architects, business leaders, industrialists, civil servants and entrepreneurs. These collaborations create the conditions to apply their talents to complex and important challenges.